A brand new approach to Lunar coins.
The Ominous Lunar Calendar series provides a new take on the familiar theme of Lunar coins.

- Louis Golino, coin specialist The Numismatist magazine


Series name Ominous Lunar Calendar
Coin name Year of the Dog 2018
Issuer Republic of Chad
Face value 5000 CFA
Metal Silver 99.9%
Weight 1 oz
Diameter 38.61 mm
Mintage 999
Quality Antique finish
Relief Ultra High Relief 4mm
Serial number On the coin edge and on the box-certificate
Box-COA (2 in 1) Round mat black small light-weight aluminum screw-up box with a matching serial number and top with a laser engraved certificate
Package The box with a beige cotton pouch with a thematic text sealed by plastic bag

Artisan Coin Productions, a California-based coin design studio, has teamed up with the Mint of Poland to create a new 12-coin Lunar series to be issued in the name of the Republic of Chad, an African nation.

Called “Ominous Lunar Calendar”, the new series will feature a one-ounce coin made of .999 fine silver for each lunar year. Each piece will be struck in ultra-high relief with a depth of four millimeters and an antique finish.


This series debuts with a 2018 Year of the Dog coin that is inspired by the Hound of Baskervilles, a supernatural and diabolical beast from the novel of the same name by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his third book that features the legend of Sherlock Holmes. The coin has two traditional Asian buildings plus clouds and a moon with craters will be in the background.

In a twist, this Lunar series will depict fictional animal characters in active poses focusing on motions and life actions on the reverse side of each coin.


The obverse will be the same for all 12 Lunar coins showing 12 claws of the fictional character on its two paws (6 claws on each paw) with each claw symbolizing one of the Lunar animals, whose name will appear above the claw. Knowing the current or any other animal/year, collectors can use this design to figure out by counting what their own Lunar year is and will know what other coins they need to complete the series.

At the top of the common obverse will be a moon, while in the center will appear the coat of arms of the Republic of Chad that holds by two paws.

And under the coat of arms will be the logo of the Mint of Poland. Surrounding this design will be inscriptions for the purity, weight, name of the series, and face value.


Each coin will have its serial number on the edge with a matching number and certificate of authenticity laser engraved on the bottom of a light-weight aluminum screw-top box.

Those serial numbers will also be part of a special bonus for collectors of this series, the first-ever online coin database where collectors can track the history of coins from the series such as order dates, prices, and in which country the owner purchased the coin.

We would like to thank Louis Golino, coin specialist and journalist from The Numismatist magazine for the information above


This page is the launch pad for our Internet coin database, the first of its kind, allowing coin collectors from around the world. Once you registered, you gain access to track coin history details, such as order date, price, and country of purchase based on a coin’s serial number.

For instance, today you pay $100 for your coin and you decide to add these details into our database, and in two years’ time you wish to resell it for $300. The next owner will be able to enter the new purchase price, date and the new purchase location into the database.

Over time the database will expand allowing one to check the details of any collectible coin based on its serial number. This information can be used to keep track of the purchase and resell prices.

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Artisan Coin Productions, a California-based coin design studio, and Mint of Poland, a towering giant in the world of modern coins. Companies began collaborating in 2017 to create novel, one-of-a-kind collectible coin designs.

This collaborative effort will be focused on providing our regular and our new customers innovative & high quality, as well as the most beautiful collector coins on the market…at an affordable price.

Artisan Coin Productions will be responsible for the coin design development. To this effect, it will engage a team of artists, coin experts and retail specialists.

In addition, we strive to create sleek and stylish aluminum storage cases which will please your eye as well as your touch.

Please sign up for our updates, we will do all we can to bring you joy with each of our new coin releases.

Your friends in the numismatics world,
Artisan Coin Productions and Mint of Poland


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